iOLM – Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

Go beyond OTDR. Leave not faulty network behind.

Using an automated multipulse acquisition approach and filled with advanced algorithms, the iOLM is an OTDR-based application that delivers detailed information on every element on the link, in a single button operation—providing maximum intelligence and simplicity for expert-level link characterization.

One-touch, A-to-Z fiber characterization,

without you having to analyze and interpret multiple, complex OTDR traces?
It’s no wishful thinking. It’s the iOLM.

Expedite the migration from copper to fiber testing

  • No training required: self-setting device

Avoid repeat truck rolls

  • With Link-Aware™, the smartest analysis technology, and consolidated results

Optimize fiber deployment

  • No more trace misinterpretation: prompt diagnosis and clear schematic link view

EXFO’s iOLM application lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR during FTTx network construction. Thanks to automated settings and analysis, even the untrained technician can become a test expert in no time.

Featuring patent-pending Link-AwareTM technology, the iOLM delivers straightforward, no-compromise, fully automated network characterization—helping you avoid repeat truck rolls before service turn-up or during troubleshooting.

Link-Aware™ technology

Self-setting unit

Let it optimize the test run

With one click, the unit automatically performs link recognition, sets the optimal parameters and launches multiple acquisitions and multiple analyses—at multiple wavelengths—consolidating the results obtained for every link section and every network element. Get accurate information right away on each link element and export it to a single report.

Let it be the expert

Powered by Link-Aware technology, the iOLM self-manages the setting of all test parameters—ready-to-use intelligence that dramatically shortens the learning curve. Minimize training, avoid test misconfiguration, and facilitate your technicians’ transition from copper to fiber.

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Are you ready for iOLM? Choose from three ways to benefit from it.
FTB-730 IOLM Software or FTB-730 iOLM + OTDR application combo or even software option to your current FTB-730 OTDR (Field-upgradable).